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Travelex Travel

Travelex founded by Executive Chairman, Lloyd Dorfman in 1976, from one small shop in central London. After the acquisition of Thomas Cook′s Global and Financial Services (founded in 1841) in 2001, Travelex has become the world′s largest retail foreign exchange operator with the world′s largest airport branch network - including the major gateways at London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Sydney. Today, the Group has offices in 35 countries with over 700 retail stores and corporate relationships in over 100 countries spanning the globe, serving over 29,000,000 customers each year. We have worked with them since 2001 and provide the following services to them:

  • Currency Exchange Application
  • Currency Exhcange Display Program
  • Retail Transaction System Enhancement
  • IT Application Management
  • Web Programming
  • Database Development
  • Web Hosting
  • System Maintenance

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