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Web Programming

It is a tool that allows you add/modify/check web contents at anytime and anywhere. It has flexibility allowing you add web content as much as need. It also helps to trace the records/message/ordering that visitor left in your web.

Our clients cover various industries, we can share all experience to you. If you do not have the experience on web application, we can handle all for you. Our project and programming team will help you to determine and implement the web application requirements such as your actual work flow, requirement, site architecture, special handling, third-party software, security and hosting environment.

During the project implementation, a beta testing environment will be created for UAT (User Acceptance Test). You can find out the actual flow before the application is launched. All the data and information can be verified in UAT stage.

We support all languages such as ASPX, ASP, VB, JAVA, PHP, HTML....etc.

Our clients on this service scope:

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