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Web & Server Hosting

All our servers are hosted in PCCW, Powerbase Datacenter (www.pbase.net). It is located in Quarry Bay, Taikoo Place. With the PCCW background, Powerbase provides the most reliable and fastest internet speed in Hong Kong. The server rooms are equipped with advanced network monitoring systems and facilities. Unlimited Power Supply(UPS) to ensure the stability and non-stop power supply for all servers. Air-conditioned, humidity-controlled and dust-controlled environment provides a good running condition for all servers. The servers failure rate can be great reducedand service can be more reliable.

Our servers are fully protected under our Watchguard Firebox X700 Firewall (www.watchguard.com) and PCCW protection facilities. It can prevent unnecessary internet attacks and intrusions. Our 24*7 full time system administrator will monitor all servers, network and firewall to make sure running probably. You no need to worry about your servers at our datacenter, focus on your business is your first priority.

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